Courses Currently offered:

  • Pet dog manners Course - An 8 week course covering the basics of dog control including a balanced walk, sit, down, wait, recall to hand and grooming. 

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  • Canine Good Citizen -A national assessed curriculum that covers food manners, accepting friendly strangers, walking in a controlled manner, appearance and grooming and control around other dogs.
  • Pre-Advanced Obedience - for those wishing to move onto competition work
  • Advanced Obedience Competition - ring experience for those competing in Obedience Tests.
  • Agility - from pre-agility to competition level. This involves jumps, tunnels, weaves and raised contact equipment.  Dogs must be over 12 months old.

For more details or to discuss your individual needs please see our Contacts page for details.

Last Updated 23.08.2016