The sport of Dog Agility started in New Zealand in the late 1980s. It has become a popular sport with people of all ages and is a great way to interact with your dog, have fun, exercise and teach control skills to your dog.

Agility classes are held every Wednesday night (weather permitting) at the Otaika Sports Reserve starting at 6pm.
Your dog can start training at 12 months old but needs to be 18 months old before they can fully participate in agility. This is to protect your dog from injury as their bones and joints need time to fully develop. There are games and activities that you can do to bond with your dog at this early stage. Contact our Agility Instructor if you would like to discuss this further at
Beginners agility is not started over the winter months (June through to August) as classes are often cancelled because of weather and ground conditions. Training is under floodlights during those months, which is not an ideal environment under which to learn.
You may be asked to wait until the next agility beginners group is ready to start.
In order to start Agility having some training basic handling skills and off-lead control of your dog is important. The aim of the agility beginners classes is to create a good foundation of focus and movement in an exciting environment. We strongly recommend that owners and their dogs have completed a Pet Dog Manners or Canine Good Citizen programme (or similar training course) before starting agility training.
As a handler with a dog new to agility you will learn how to teach your dog correct jumping skills, negotiate both types of tunnels used in agility competition, a long jump and a hoop jump. You will also be shown handling skills specific to agility as well as relationship building skills to help make you and your dog a great team. Many of these skills and tricks you will be able to practice at home with very little or no gear. It is important to practice at home during the week so that you and your dog can progress to the next stages of agility.

For more information and the rules of agility go to the Dogs NZ Agility Committee website .
This site is ever-evolving and it now offers many services from pre-entering Ribbon Trials online to online entries for Championship shows.

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Last Updated 18.06.2018